Textile Chemical Manufacturing in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Dooley Chemicals is a textile auxiliary and chemical manufacturing company based in Tennessee that has been a steadfast member of the Chattanooga community since 1957. The company was purchased by Syntha Group (formerly Piedmont Chemical Industries, Inc.) in 1978 to expand the family of chemical manufacturers and provide a wider presence within the textile and carpet manufacturing industry in Georgia, Alabama, and the southeast region.


With more than six decades of specialized textile expertise, our reputation goes beyond our knowledge of the textile industry, and includes long-standing relationships with industry professionals across the United States. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet the specific needs of each customer through close partnership and our focus on product development, technical service, and customer service.


What We Do


At Dooley Chemicals, we specialize in manufacturing textile auxiliaries used for wet processing applications such as preparation, coloration (dyeing and printing), after treatment, and finishing. Our products are designed to provide a high-quality finish, appearance, and performance on a variety of textiles.


Our facility in Chattanooga, TN offers the following key services:


  • Textile Auxiliaries
  • Toll Manufacturing
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Local Warehousing & Delivery


Why Work with Dooley Chemicals?


After six decades in the industry, we continue to provide quality chemicals while maintaining strict specifications for environmental safety and protection. We ensure our customers receive the highest standard of products as well as the highest standard of care and customer service.


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